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    • Are foxes (Vulpes spp.) good sentinel species for Toxoplasma gondii in northern Canada? 

      Bouchard, Émilie; Sharma, Rajnish; Hernández-Ortiz, Adrián; Buhler, Kayla; Al-Adhami, Batol; Su, Chunlei; Fenton, Heather; G.-Gouin, Géraldine; Roth, James D.; Rodrigues, Chloé W.; Pamak, Carla; Simon, Audrey; Bachand, Nicholas; Leighton, Patrick; Jenkins, Emily (2022-04-01)
      Abstract Background In changing northern ecosystems, understanding the mechanisms of transmission of zoonotic pathogens, including the coccidian parasite Toxoplasma gondii, ...