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    • Cervico-Vaginal Inflammatory Cytokine and Chemokine Responses to Two Different SIV Immunogens 

      Toledo, Nikki; Li, Hongzhao; Omange, Were; Dacoba, Tamara; Crecente-Campo, Jose; Schalk, Dane; Kashem, Mohammad; Rakasz, Eva; Schultz-Darken, Nancy; Li, Qingsheng; Whitney, James; Alonso, Maria; Plummer, Francis; Luo, Ma (Frontiers, 2020-08-25)
      Studies have shown that vaccine vectors and route of immunization can differentially activate different arms of the immune system. However, the effects of different HIV vaccine immunogens on mucosal inflammation have not ...
    • Mucosal antibody responses to vaccines targeting SIV protease cleavage sites or full-length Gag and Env proteins in Mauritian cynomolgus macaques 

      Li, Hongzhao; Hai, Yan; Lim, So-Yon; Toledo, Nikki; Crecente-Campo, Jose; Schalk, Dane; Li, Lin; Omange, Robert; Dacoba, Tamara; Liu, Lewis; Kashem, Mohammad; Wan, Yanmin; Liang, Binhua; Li, Qingsheng; Rakasz, Eva; Schultz-Darken, Nancy; Alonso, Maria; Plummer, Francis; Whitney, James; Luo, Ma (PLOS, 2018-08-28)
      HIV mutates rapidly and infects CD4+ T cells, especially when they are activated. A vaccine targeting conserved, essential viral elements while limiting CD4+ T cell activation could be effective. Learning from natural ...
    • Vaccine targeting SIVmac251 protease cleavage sites protects macaques against vaginal infection 

      Li, Hongzhao; Omange, Were; Liang, Binhua; Toledo, Nikki; Hai, Yan; Liu, Lewis; Schalk, Dane; Crecente-Campo, Jose; Dacoba, Tamara; Lambe, Andrew; Lim, So-Yon; Kashem, Mohammad; Wan, Yanmin; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Seaman, Michael; Liu, Xiao; Balshaw, Robert; Li, Qingsheng; Schultz-Darken, Nancy; Alonso, Maria; Plummer, Francis; Whitney, James; Luo, Ma (Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2020-11-03)
      After over 3 decades of research, an effective anti-HIV vaccine remains elusive. The recently halted HVTN702 clinical trial not only further stresses the challenge to develop an effective HIV vaccine but also emphasizes ...