Restoration and structural health monitoring of Manitoba's Golden Boy

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Mufti, AA
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Although bridges were among the first civil engineering structures to use structural health monitoring (SHM) technologies, research is now expanding to explore other types of applications, including Manitoba's famous Golden Boy statue. Global research is identifying the value of using SHM technologies for civil engineering applications. Structural health monitoring uses a variety of sensors to gather information about the behaviour of a structure. The information creates a valuable knowledge base that can be analyzed to help identify potential structural risks, develop safer and more efficient new structures, and determine more effective ways to rehabilitate existing structures. This paper briefly describes the history of the Manitoba Legislative Building and the Golden Boy and also the use of SHM technologies to help preserve the Golden Boy statue, an icon of provincial heritage.
history, Golden Boy, statue, sculptors, architects, engineers, shaft, corrosion, sensors, monitoring
0315-1468; CAN J CIVIL ENG, DEC 2003, vol. 30, no. 6, p.1123 to 1132.