A short-time dynamics study of Heisenberg non-collinear magnets

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Zelli, Mirsaeed
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A generalized model which describes a family of antiferromagnetic Heisenberg magnets on a three-dimensional stacked triangular lattice is introduced. The model contains a constraint parameter which changes the details of the interactions but not the symmetry of the model. We investigate the question of whether a first or second order phase transition occurs in these systems using a short time dynamics method. This method does not suffer from the problem of critical slowing down which occurs in the usual equilibrium Monte Carlo simulations. The effective critical exponents are determined as a function of the constraint parameter. Our results provide strong evidence that the phase transition is first order. In addition, for a particular value of the constraint parameter, the model corresponds to an antiferromagnet on a stacked Kagome lattice. In this case, our results are not inconsistent with the existence of a finite temperature first order phase transition.
Frustration, Monte carlo, Short-time dynamics