Hydraulic characteristics of embedded circular culverts

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Magura, Christopher Ryan
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This report details a physical modeling study to investigate the flow characteristics of circular corrugated structural plate (CSP) culverts with 10% embedment and projecting end inlets using a 0.62 m diameter corrugated metal pipe under a range of flows (0.064 m3/s to 0.254 m3/s) and slopes (0%, 0.5% and 1.0%). An automated sampling system was used to record detailed velocity measurements at cross-sections along the length of the model. The velocity data was then used to develop isovel plots and observations were made regarding the effect of water depth, average velocity, boundary roughness and inlet configuration on the velocity structure. Other key aspects examined include the distribution of shear velocity and equivalent sand roughness, Manning’s roughness, an evaluation of composite roughness calculation methods, secondary currents, area-velocity relationships, the effect of embedment on maximum discharge and a simulation of model results using HECRAS. Recommendations are presented to focus future research.
culvert, embedded, model, composite, roughness, velocity, ADV, fish, passage