Churchill residents' use of the lower Churchill River in Manitoba

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Edye-Rowntree, Joel
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The lower Churchill River has been an important travel route for people living in its vicinity for a long period of time. Churchillians’ have used it for subsistence harvesting, as their potable water source and as a place of recreation and relaxation. Previous research has documented the importance of the Churchill River to the residents and has explored how the Churchill River Diversion affected the community of Churchill (Boothroyd, 1992; 2000; Four Directions Consulting Group, 1994; 1995). The purpose of this project was to identify how Churchill residents used the lower Churchill River (from 1970 to 2006), recognizing three distinct periods of time. Twenty interviews were conducted with former or current long-term residents of Churchill, as well as two interviews with experts on issues concerning the lower Churchill River. Many interviewees stated that additional negotiations and measures are required before they deem the mitigation compensation package from Manitoba Hydro to be adequate considering the impact of the diversion on the residents of Churchill.
local, knowledge, Churchill, river, environmental, change, diversion, weir, impact, mitigation, compensation, Manitoba, Hydro, perspectives
Edye-Rowntree, J., Ayotte, B., Bazlik, E., Bilenduke, M., Brandson, L., Bukowsky, R. et al. (2006). Churchill Residents’ Perspectives on the Churchill River. Winnipeg, Manitoba: Aboriginal Issues Press.