A digital image processing system to characterize frazil ice

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Doering, JC
Morris, MP
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The detection, measurement, and characterization of frazil ice particles is a necessary first step in advancing our understanding of frazil ice processes as well as improving models. The detection of frazil ice has been accomplished in a number of ways. Herein, a digital image processing system to characterize frazil in a laboratory environment is described. The system is part of an ice research facility that uses a counter-rotating flume to generate frazil ice. Frazil ice is detected using a cross-polarized light technique. The system acquires digital gray-scale images of frazil ice that are analyzed and manipulated digitally to elucidate the temporal and spatial variation of frazil ice characteristics. For example, the system can be readily used to determine the size distribution of frazil ice particles, the vertical distribution of frazil, or the concentration of frazil ice.
frazil ice characterization, progressive scan camera, scan camera, frame grabber, digital image, gray scale, processing system, pixel, binary image
0315-1468; CAN J CIVIL ENG, FEB 2003, vol. 30, no. 1, p.1 to 10.