Chemical characterization of phosphate diffusion in a multi-ionic environment

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Olatuyi, Solomon Olalekan
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Low phosphate fertilizer efficiency in high pH soils is primarily due to the retardation of P movement in the soil-P fertilizer reaction zone. The objective of this study was to obtain fundamental information on the influence of multi-ionic interactions on the solubility and diffusion of P in columns containing a model soil system and two soil types. The study also aimed to identify the salt combinations and factors that have the potential to enhance the solubility and movement of P in calcareous soil condition. The results showed that the interaction of NH4+ and SO42- was consistent at enhancing the water solubility and movement of P under a high soil pH condition. This effect was attributed to the combination of various mechanistic factors associated with (NH4)2SO4 compound including significant pH reduction, cation exchange reaction of NH4+ with the exchangeable Ca2+, and anionic competition of SO42- with P for precipitation with Ca2+.
phosphate, diffusion, precipitation, solubility, resin, columns