Rethinking the urban epidermis, a study of the viability of extensive green roof systems in the Manitoba capital with an emphasis on regional case studies and stormwater management

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Cunningham, Neil R.
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Chapter One of this thesis introduces the scope of the research herein. Chapter Two consists of a literature review of issues of theory and practice pertaining to extensive green roofing. The interrelationships and prevailing attitudes behind notions of design, ecology, and sustainability are discussed and Rooftop typologies and the history of rooftop gardens are discussed. Extensive green roofs are defined and differentiated from intensive green roofs. The second chapter describes the most recent techniques employed in the construction of extensive green roofs, discusses the costs and benefits associated with these systems and explores the relationship between green roof infrastructure and stormwater management. Chapter Three reports on a survey that was distributed to building owners and operators of facilities located in Minnesota and Manitoba that have employed extensive green roofing. Chapter Four discusses the selection criteria and analysis of a study site and provides spatial data for the analyticalstudy of the widespread use of green roofs undertaken. Chapter Five utilizes the selected study site to assess the potential benefits of extensive green roofing as a viable non-structural stormwater management technique. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)