Autologous blood donation, decision making factors used by preoperative patients

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Frost, Betty A.
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The purpose of this descriptive study was to gain insight into factors used by preoperative patients to make a decision to donate autologous blood. Twelve patients who donated autologous blood preoperatively participated in the study. Qualitative analysis revealed four major categories that described the patient perspective and experience: preparing for surgery: the likelihood of requiring a tr nsfusion; dealing with the anticipated blood loss during surgery; the autologous blood donation experience; and the autologous blood donation outcomes and future considerations. Demographic findings were consistent with the literature that a major benefit of autologous blood donation is the reduced risk for homologous blood transfusion. Other factors such as choosing autologous blood donation from multiple options presented, amount of anticipated blood loss during surgery and cost-effectiveness of autologous blood donation were not revealed as motivators used in decision-making. The physician played a key role in recommending autologous blood donation. The nurse played a key role as a resource prior to and during the autologous blood donation. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)