Effect of fly ash and zeolite amendment on volatile ammonia losses from hog manure

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Bullinger, Andrea L.
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The objectives of this study were (a) to chemically treat locally obtained fly ash and determine if physico-chemical changes are consistent with an increase in zeolitic character and (b) to examine the effectiveness of chemically altered and unaltered fly ash, mordenite and CaCl2 in reducing NH3 losses from anaerobically stored hog manure. Fly ash was chemically altered in hot, alkaline solution for 24 hours. Physico-chemical properties of samples were determined using X-ray diffractometry (XRD), scanning-electron microscopy (SEM), heavy metal determination, cation exchange capacity (CEC), cation exchange selectivity (CES), specific surface, particle density, air dry moisture content and pH. Mean comparisons were conducted on all results. Manure was amended with chemically altered and unaltered fly ash and mordenite, with and without CaCl2, and stored in air-tight jars. Air removed from the jars was bubbled through acid traps. The cumulative NH3 recovered in acid traps was determined for 86 days. Mean comparisons were conducted on cumulative NH3 losses to days 40 and 86, NH 3 losses during individual sampling periods from days 1 to 40 and results of final destructive analyses (total-, NH4+- and organic-N and pH). (Abstract shortened by UMI.)