T[subscript]EXspec, a Computer Aided Software Engineering tool for scientific and mathematical applications

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Oliver, Stephen E.
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This report discusses the development of the spec Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool, which assists with the development and documentation of software in an environment where software quality is closely monitored, perhaps by independent regulators. The tool can assist in the development of a broad range of software, but is targeted at the software that implements mathematical models. spec generates requirements specifications, design specifications and compilable code in a structured form while ensuring consistency between products. The original application of spec was to assist developers of software modeling a repository for Canada's high level nuclear waste to achieve compliance with a quality assurance standard specified by government regulators. This report details the form of documentation products produced by spec and all required inputs. It discusses the processing that spec uses to convert input into final products. The method of ensuring consistency between products is reviewed. Instruction is provided for operating spec using a graphical user interface. The significance of the work is discussed and directions for future development are suggested. Some of the requirements of spec are continuing to evolve. As such, the development is of necessity of a prototype, or spiral model, nature. This report acts as a status report on the development of spec and provides a reference for both users and programmers.