Care map for the management of asthma in a pediatric population in a primary health care setting

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Cholock, Louise
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Asthma is the most common chronic condition affecting children and the management of children experiencing this condition is of ongoing concern in Manitoba. In 1999 the Canadian Asthma Consensus Report (CACR), released by the Canadian Medical Association, provided management guidelines based on current evidence for efficacious treatment. The guidelines however, are too extensive and cumbersome to utilize on a daily basis in a busy primary heath care practice. The purpose of this practicum project was to simplify the CACR through the development of an evidence based care map, based on the major recommendations of the report. In order to ensure that the care map was of utility, both in content and format, the Care Map for the Management of Asthma in a Pediatric Population in a Primary Heath Care Setting was presented informally to the health care professionals at Family Medical Centre (FMC). Although FMC staff were supportive of the concept, areas of resistance to implementation of the care map were identified. Rationale for unexpected low rates of pediatric asthma clients managed in the clinic are discussed, and a revised evaluation framework for the care map is described.