Health-related knowledge and behaviors associated with levels of obesity among Manitobans, analysis of the 1990 Manitoba Heart Health Survey

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Zhang, Min
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'Introduction'. Obesity is now recognized as a significant public health risk for Canadians. Little is known about how health-related knowledge is associated with the level of obesity and awareness of obesity. Also, there is a concern about the accuracy of obesity categorization through Body Mass Index (BMI) from self-reported data. 'Methods'. Data from the '1990 Manitoba Heart Health Survey' were analyzed to assess the level of knowledge about the risk factors of heart diseases among normal weight, overweight and obesity groups, and to compare self-reported behaviors, behavioral changes and perceived barriers and benefits among the three weight groups. The discrepancy between self-reported and measured height and weight and its impact on the classification of obesity were examined. 'Conclusions'. Health education program should not merely target on overweight/obese people and include normal weight people as well. This study supports a population strategy over a high-risk strategy in health promotion. Self-reported weight and height are valid measure compared to actually measured data, but minor discrepancy does result in some changes in the categorization of obesity. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)