Numerical solution of a two-phase model for laminar film condensation of vapour-gas mixtures in channels

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Siow, Erh Chang
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The present analysis deals with steady-state, internal-flow, laminar film condensation of vapour-gas mixtures in horizontal and downward-inclined parallel-plate channels. The cooled lower plate is maintained at a uniform temperature, while the upper plate is insulated. Saturated vapour mixed with a non-condensable gas enters the channel at prescribed pressure, velocity, and gas mass fraction. As a result of condensation on the lower plate, distinct regions of liquid condensate and vapour-gas mixture are formed inside the channel. Each phase is described with a set of complete boundary layer equations governing the conservation of mass, momentum, and energy. These two phases are related at the interface with the continuity of velocity, temperature, mass flux, shear stress, and heat flux. The focus of this thesis is on developing a robust numerical solution for the above model and assessing the effect of each independent parameter on the condensation process. The numerical approach utilized a variable-properties finite-volume method with a marching technique. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)