Conflict resolution and family mediation in Ukraine, the development of a training program for the social services

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Hayduk, Nina
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This practicum involved the development of a culturally relevant training program on conflict resolution and mediation. This is a new social work practice model in Ukraine, and was designed to promote the development of family-centered community-based services in Lviv, Ukraine. The training program was implemented under the auspices of the Department of Social Work at Lviv Polytechnic National University, and was targeted towards social service providers and social policy makers. The design of the training program was based on Canadian content and experiences, and was delivered with assistance from an expert in the field of mediation. The activities of the practicum included: a review of the literature on conflict resolution and mediation, with particular attention to family mediation; participation in mediation training events and conferences in Canada; and the development, implementation, and evaluation of the training program. The practicum context reflected the need in Lviv and the surrounding area to develop a model for social work education and practice and to establish a network of quality social services. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)