Modeling multi-layer CDMA cellular networks augmented with GPS using OPNet

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Li, Huamin
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Code division multiple access (CDMA) cellular systems have advanced features, services, and cost benefits over traditional cellular and cordless technologies. Multi-layer CDMA systems provide a way of smooth expansion of coverage through the use of macrocells, microcells and picocells as well as capacity enhancement without the need for additional frequency spectrum. Global positioning system (GPS) is a real-time locating and navigating utility proposed for use here in assisting cellular network quality of service (QoS) management and optimization. This thesis proposes a new handoff prediction strategy: GPS handoff prediction (GHP) scheme in multi-layer CDMA cellular networks. The novel strategy combines the advantages of CDMA soft handoff methodology and QoS oriented multi-layer management with tracking of the real-time mobility and position of mobile stations. A GPS handoff filter (GHF) was embedded in the selector of the mobile switching center (MSC) in the system to filter out potential handoff error. Anew embedded GHP handoff protocol (GHP) within the CDMA IS-95 standard was investigated to support the scheme. A simulation test-bed was developed by the author using OPNet6.0. The simulation results to date illustrate that the intelligent dynamic handoff with the GHP location management can reduce the handoff attempts and actual handoffs.