In place of interest, a study of the relationship between place and collaboration for community development

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LeBaron, Kristy
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This thesis is an exploration of the relationship between the 'place-based' or 'neighbourhood' approach to community development and community collaboration. This relationship is interesting because both the neighbourhood approach and the collaborative approach are complimentary to the more recent community-led style of community development. Both can be used to encourage community participation, both can inspire holistic perspectives and strategies, and both would support the building of local capacity by focusing on local resources and assets. To investigate this relationship, this thesis has pursued both empirical and non-empirical examinations. The exploration of this relationship begins with an examination of the neighbourhood approach, or strategy, of community development as used by North American governments. Through this examination, both the literature and empirical data investigate the use of the neighbourhood or place approach to community development, the features which make it an attractive strategy, and the definitions of and associated beliefs with the concept of 'neighbourhood', such as the neighbourhood as a holistic unit or entity, as a social organiser, and as a community of place. The relationship is then explored through both a literature and empirical examination f the association of collaboration with community development, and its potential linkages with the neighbourhood strategy. Through this investigation, neighbourhood or 'place' is explored as a potential common focus for community collaboration, and thus the relationship between the neighbourhood strategy and collaboration is examined fully.