A post-hoc assessment of the Assiniboine-La Salle River Diversion project

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Lowman, Lisa
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The Assiniboine-La Salle River Diversion was implemented in 1984 to relieve chronic problems of water shortage and poor water quality. The purpose of this thesis was to carry out a post-hoc assessment of the diversion project in order to validate impacts, identify necessary mitigation, and to consider the implications for future water use in the area. The specific objectives were to: (1) identify predicted impacts of the Assiniboine-La Salle River diversion project; (2) identify any documented impacts of the diversion project since construction, with reference to impact predictions, terms of water quality and quantity; (3) conduct a detailed water quality and quantity analysis of selected current impacts of the diversion project; (4) establish how current and any future water demands will affect the existing impacts on the La Salle River considered above, and; (5) to recommend, based on conclusions of the impact study, any action needed to ensure that the provincial water quality objectives are maintained, and to meet future domestic, municipal, agricultural, irrigation, and recreational water demands. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)