Towards moral and ethical research in collaboration with First Nation communities

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Stevenson, Earl Conrad
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Western academic and mainstream consultative research within First Nation communities has been carried on since the beginning of academic institutions in North America. How such research has, and continues to be conducted, has been cause for deep concern among Indigenous communities. As a result, the thesis presented here, explores the area of ethical and moral research as it pertains to collaborative inquiry with First Nations communities, with specific examination geared towards the National Tri-Council Policy Statement on ethical research involving human participants. In addition, in order to invoke superior joint research ventures between First Nations', academic, government and private sector groups, methodologies and methods are advocated that will enhance such collaborations. A discussion on Indigenous intellectual property rights and advocacy for a 'sui generis' system of knowledge protection is also presented. Furthermore, personal experience from a First Nations researcher who is situated at the junction of Indigenous and western ways of knowledge acquisition will serve as a venue in bringing forth poignant context. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)