Youth empowerment, a qualitative study

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Bozzer, Stephanie
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This qualitative study examines the relationship between advocacy and youth empowerment and was designed to collect information from an organization run by and for youths, called the Federation of British Columbia Youth in Care Network. One purpose was to examine the organization's impact on the recent changes that have occurred in the legislation, policies and structures of youth services provided by the British Columbia government, and the other was to examine whether the process of engaging in these change initiatives was empowering to those involved. It was hypothesized that youths participating in a youth run advocacy group would become empowered through their actions in three governmental decision making processes: the Gove Inquiry, the creation of the Child, Family and Community Services Act and the restructuring of the Ministry for Children and Families. The first area of inquiry focused on the activities of the Federation and its impact on governmental processes. The second area focused on youths' feelings and perceptions regarding empowerment based on their participation in Federation activities. The last area explored whether youths, felt that they were causal agents in decision making processes. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)