Odour emissions from swine operations in Manitoba

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Zhou, Xiaojing
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Odour emissions were studied on ten (10) hog farms in Manitoba in 1999 and 2000. On each selected farm, odour samples were taken from (i) barn exhaust, (ii) manure storage, and (iii) downwind (50 m to 3.5 km). By following a commercial applicator, odour samples from manure land application were taken three times by using a wind tunnel. Odour levels (concentrations) of collected samples were determined by using a dynamic-dilution olfactometer (AC'SCENT International Olfactometer, St. Croix Sensory Inc., Stillwater, Minnesota) with six screened human assessors. A Jerome meter(R) (Model 631-x, Arizona Instrument, Phoenix, Arizona) was used to measure hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels of odour samples taken from six farms in 2000. More odour measurements with detailed daily farm information are recommended to better understand the effect of day-to-day farm conditions on odour emission, the correlation between odour emission and barn type, and the variation of odour emission during the day in different seasons. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)