Implementation of a Program Planning and Review Model at Winnipeg Child and Family Services

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Holnbeck, Christy
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This report describes a practicum that examines a specific quality assurance approach in a child welfare agency. The practicum was designed to facilit te participation in the implementation of an inclusive, internal Program Planning and Review Model within the context of a program for pregnant and parenting adolescents. The intervention plan for the practicum included four specific components: (1) a review of the literature regarding quality assurance methodologies, client involvement in evaluation, and evaluation utilization; (2) implementation of a Program Planning and Review Model within the context of a program for pregnant and parenting adolescents; (3) qualitative interviews with clients; and, (4) a critique of the process and a discussion of the implications for the Model's utility. The Program Planning and Review Model is a quality management process which provides a wide range of information to assist management and the targeted program in decision-making and planning and improvement efforts. The implementation of the Model involved a multidisciplinary peer review team and transfer of learning principles as a means for extending the quality assurance process beyond the individual program being reviewed. The findings of this study indicate that the overall, Program Planning and Review Model which incorporates peer teams based on internal and external collateral participation appears to be a viable means to attaining information for agency program planning and improvement efforts. However, in order to maximize the potential benefits of such as Model, including review utilization and the transfer of learning, a greater level of involvement for both program staff and clients in all phases of a review process is required.