A spatial analysis of tourism development on Hecla Island in relation to key environmental components

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Waddell, Arnie
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This study was initiated to trace development of tourism on Hecla Island. The focus was to first discuss the role of tourism within Hecla's environment, including the positive and negative impacts. The research also characterized past development on Hecla Island by documenting and quantifying the land affected by these developments. This provided essential information that can be used to assess the quality of land within these areas in order that appropriate decisions can be made on location of future developments. Secondly, an analysis was undertaken to map key environmental components on Hecla Island, including moose and waterfowl habitats, colonial nesting bird sites, significant cultural sites, unique plants and vegetation, and the soil and recreation suitability of the area. This included determining the potential consequences of tourism development on the key environmental components on Hecla Island. The final step was to spatially illustrate areas where future tourism development should be expanded by considering the degree of impact that tourism development and associated activities have on the key environmental components on Hecla Island. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)