The surface validation of RDSS severe weather detections and documentation of Manitoba farmers' views and perceptions of issues associated with severe weather hazards

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Tombs, Ryan T.
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This thesis conducted a limited study of the performance of the RDSS severe detection algorithms for the 1999 summer convective storm season, and successfully documented Manitoba farmer's views and perceptions of severe weather related issues. The successful collection and analysis of available RDSS logged data, radar animations, damage assessments, and questionnaire contents have delivered encouraging performance results for the severe weather detection algorithms. Obtaining detailed ground truth verification data proved critical in determining the RDSS algorithm's true performance. Farm operators' views and perceptions of severe weather events in southern Manitoba were also successfully documented. Obtained through lengthy interviews, farm operators discussed freely about personal experiences and perceptions they have of severe weather. The majority of farm operators had experienced monetary loss due to severe weather events, and most had negative comments related to these events. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)