Anger in healing from childhood sexual abuse, a group intervention

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Sauteur, Sheila
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This practicum consisted of the creation, implementation, and evaluation of a twelve week group program for women, who were impacted by anger in their healing from childhood sexual abuse. Two groups with a total of eleven participants took part in the practicum offered at the Laurel Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The purpose of the Anger in Healing groups were: (1) To assist women who have survived childhood sexual abuse to acknowledge and to honor their experiences and expressions of anger in their healing from the abuse. (2) To examine these experiences using a cost/benefit perspective, and provide women the opportunity to choose whether to continue engaging in the same forms of expression of anger or to choose to try on different forms of expression in experiencing their anger. (3) To explore different ways of expressing and experiencing anger that fit with each individual woman's goals in relation to her healing from the child sexual abuse. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)