A Landscape Architect's Role in Crime Prevention and Safety : The Applicability of CPTED in an Inner-city Neighbourhood

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Loeb, Danielle
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Winnipeg, a city with diverse cultural and social communities, is plagued by safety concerns and a poor reputation of its downtown core. Deserted after working hours, isolated and uninhabited spaces in the core have proven to be targets for criminal activity, which perpetuating a vicious cycle of crime and neglect. In order to understand this critical issue that affects urban spaces in Winnipeg, this practicum explores crime prevention guidelines, how principles are applied to urban spaces, their applicability at a neighbourhood scale and the role of a landscape architect in crime prevention and public safety. I present a series of interventions at various scales to test the applicability of the crime prevention principles and to determine the relevance of the principles to the landscape architecture profession in the form of a neighbourhood framework and design for North Point Douglas.
CPTED, Crime, Urban, Landscape