Monte Carlo Simulation of Optical Coherence Tomography of Media with Arbitrary Spatial Distributions

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Malektaji, Siavash
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Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a sub-surface imaging modality with growing number of applications. An accurate and practical OCT simulator could be an important tool to understand the physics underlying OCT and to design OCT systems with improved performance. All available OCT simulators are restricted to imaging planar multilayered media or non-planar multilayered media. In this work I developed a novel Monte Carlo based simulator of OCT imaging for turbid media with arbitrary spatial distributions. This simulator allows computation of both Class I diffusive reflectance, due to ballistic and quasi-ballistic scattered photons, and Class II diffusive reflectance due to multiple scattered photons. A tetrahedron-based mesh is used to model any arbitrary-shaped medium to be simulated. I have also implemented a known importance sampling method to significantly reduce computational time of simulations by up to two orders of magnitude. The simulator is verified by comparing its results to results from previously validated OCT simulators for multilayered media. I present sample simulation results for OCT imaging of non-layered media which would not have been possible with earlier simulators.
Monte Carlo methods, Optical Coherence Tomography