Assessment of phytoplankton productivity in Clear Lake (Riding Mountain National Park), Manitoba

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Hawryliuk, Yvonne Nadia
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The purpose of this study was to quantify phytoplankton primary production (one of the main primary sources of organic carbon) in Clear Lake (Riding Mountain National Park), Manitoba and to determine, where possible, sources of variability. This information will in part make it possible to assess and put forth ecologically based management decisions for the benefit of the Clear Lake Basin and its stakeholders. Sampling of Clear Lake was conducted at two stations approximately every three to four days from ice out (May 24, 1996) to ice in (November 10, 1996). Winter sampling occurred once a month for the ice season (November 10, 1996 to May 9,1997), then weekly sampling continued from ice out (May 9, 1997) to ice in (November 11, 1997). Phytoplankton productivity was related to physical (light and temperature) and chemical (nutrient debt assays and elemental ratios) parameters in the lake through a series of multivariate approaches that included stepwise multiple regression and principal component analysis. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)