An assessment of supply and requirements for oil and natural gas in Malaysia

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Chia, Alex C.K.
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A review of all available published data and reports on oil and natural gas in Malaysia was carried out in this study. The acquired data and information were analyzed with established concepts organized and edited to meet the study objectives. The study showed that oil and natural gas are the most important primary energy resources and will continue to be the major energy source for the nation. To win optimum returns from oil and gas production, the following courses of action inter alia are recommended: 1. With Malaysia's energy surpluses and its trade location advantages on the Pacific rim surrounding the large markets in Asia, the following developments are suggested. -That Peninsular Malaysia because of its large population be developed into a hydrocarbon-related manufacturing centre employing intensive labour. An example would be the use of olefin, an oil derivative, in manufacturing polyester clothing. This industry would be competitive with other markets in Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. -That Eastern Malaysia because of its energy rich resources and sparsely inhabited area be developed into a heavy industrial stat making use of high energy feed-stocks, for example, steel and aluminum smelting. 2. That offshore boundary disputes with other countries be resolved. 3. That PETRONAS continue to develop into a modern company able to share on an equal basis knowledge and joint venture projects with oil companies.
Oil, Natural gas, Malaysia