An assessment of the feasibility of aquaculture in the Grand Rapids area

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Lagasse, Jacques
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Grand Rapids, Manitoba is an historic region with a diverse community situated along the Saskatchewan River near the outlet to Lake Winnipeg. The local economic base of Grand Rapids is relatively small, while new employment opportunities are scarce. Aquaculture, the rearing of aquatic organisms for subsistence or economic profit, may offer social and economic improvement opportunities to communities with limited alternatives. The purpose of this study was to identify the types of freshwater aquaculture systems that would be technically feasible, financially viable and socially acceptable in the Grand Rapids area. The work includes an extensive literature review of aquaculture; site visits to aquaculture operations, interviews with personnel, and search for relevant technical and economic data in southern Manitoba; site visits to potential aquaculture locations in waterbodies in the vicinity of Grand Rapids; meetings, presentations and discussions with the Grand Rapids Band Council and the Grand Rapids Fishermen's Cooperative Association, and; interviews with aquaculture experts from the Federal and Provincial governments and industry. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)