Single-Query Robot Motion Planning using Rapidly Exploring Random Trees (RRTs)

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Bagot, Jonathan
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Robots moving about in complex environments must be capable of determining and performing difficult motion sequences to accomplish tasks. As the tasks become more complicated, robots with greater dexterity are required. An increase in the number of degrees of freedom and a desire for autonomy in uncertain environments with real-time requirements leaves much room for improvement in the current popular robot motion planning algorithms. In this thesis, state of the art robot motion planning techniques are surveyed. A solution to the general movers problem in the context of motion planning for robots is presented. The proposed robot motion planner solves the general movers problem using a sample-based tree planner combined with an incremental simulator. The robot motion planner is demonstrated both in simulation and the real world. Experiments are conducted and the results analyzed. Based on the results, methods for tuning the robot motion planner to improve the performance are proposed.
Robot, Motion Planning, Rapidly Exploring Random Tree, Forward Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics, Jacobian, Probabilistic Road Map, Configuration Space, Humanoid, Denavit Hartenberg, Nearest Neighbor, Incremental Simulator