The characteristics of effective clinical teachers in baccalaureate nursing programs

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Sundstrom, Helen E.
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The purpose of this research was to have experienced clinical teachers describe how they go about the business of clinical teaching. Four experienced clinical teachers were interviewed on three separate occasions by the researcher. The participants were asked to identify the qualities they considered to be those of a good clinical teacher, and to describe some of their clinical teaching experiences. In addition, probes were used to elicit further information regarding the five themes identified in the literature. As well as the audio tapes of the interviews, the researcher kept field notes and a reflective journal. The data obtained from the participants reflected the five themes found in the professional literature. Moreover, in their de criptions of their clinical teaching practices, the participants provided numerous examples of ' how they operationalized' these themes. In addition to the data regarding the five themes, the participants provided information regarding several new emerging themes: the incorporation of humanitarian principles into the teaching of students; the notion of a significant counseling role for the teacher; and the concept of the teacher "letting go", as the role of the clinical teacher becomes that of a "clinical education facilitator". (Abstract shortened by UMI.)