The Mennonite dialectic, a survey of the cultural and physical morphology of Steinbach

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Goertzen, T. D.
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The intent of this thesis is to demonstrate an understanding of the cultural and physical morphology of Steinbach, Manitoba, considering the influence of historical, theological, cultural and sociological transformations through time. The following dialogue is intended to reveal a unique Mennonite response to settlement, evident in the creation and formation of the Mennonite city of Steinbach, and guided by a combination of cultural, theological and economic inter-relationships. This thesis will uncover the evolution of the community from a traditional Mennonite agricultural settlement to a contemporary city. The goal is to promote a holistic understanding of human settlements, which recognizes built environments as cultural constructs. This study expands the understanding of place beyond its traditional conception as a social and historical manifestation, and acknowledges place as a cultural expression; an expression that embraces the dynamics of both time and society. This thesis also recognizes that the true nature of the community cannot solely be revealed through an objective investigation conducted, for the most part, external to the community. Therefore, the intent is to provide a basis for further study that engages the community and its members in a subjective manner. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)