The Effectiveness of Psychotherapeutic Interventions for Young Children with Internalizing Disorders: A meta-analysis

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Cheung, Kristene
Hurl, Kylee
Germain, Sarah
Theule, Jennifer
Markel, Clarisa
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A meta-analysis was conducted on the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic interventions for young children (ages 2 to 5) with internalizing disorders. Internalizing disorders, including anxiety and depression, are among the most common presenting problems of young children at community mental health services. Children may exhibit symptoms of internalizing disorders in the early stages of development and children as young as three years old have met diagnostic criteria for an internalizing disorder. Symptoms of internalizing disorders interfere with school adjustment, impede academic performance, and affect the overall family dynamic. Early intervention is imperative given that these symptoms remain relatively stable throughout one’s lifetime without treatment. Given the high prevalence and early onset of these disorders, it is important to assess the efficacy of treatment for these symptoms. Potential moderators will also be explored in this meta-analysis in order to identify effective features of the interventions, as well as possible participant characteristics (e.g., age, gender) to determine who would most likely benefit from the treatment. Implications of this research can be used to develop and promote effective treatment options for this population.
intervention, psychotherapy, depression, anxiety, preschool
Cheung, K., Hurl, K., Germain, S., Theule, J., & Markel, C. (2014). The effectiveness of psychotherapeutic interventions for young children with internalizing disorders: A meta-analysis. Poster presentation at The Canadian Psychological Association's 75th Annual Convention, Vancouver, BC, June 5, 2014.