Albert street block: a process for designing in-between spaces

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Green, Anita
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This practicum explores In-Between spaces within the urban environment and a process of design that can create a more responsive and resilient urban environment capable of evolving to accommodate for changing needs and requirements of the future. The research of In-Between spaces was completed within Winnipeg’s Exchange District to gain an understanding of the character, spatial characteristics, and formal order of In-Between spaces there. The knowledge acquired from this research was utilized to develop an awareness of the specific spatial and functional conditions, which provided the basis for building a typology of In-Between spaces. A critical analysis of Integral Urbanism, by Nan Ellin, and A New Theory of Urban Design, By Christopher Alexander, was conducted to assist in the understanding of the potential character of In-Between spaces and the process that informed the final design. The principles and concepts brought forth by Ellin and Alexander, were utilized throughout the design process of the Albert Street Block in order to guide the process and provide a basis of analysis of each individual design intervention. The result of this research and analysis was a design for the Albert Street Block that created a positive and desirable urban space, strengthening the resiliency of the site for years to come.