Net energy of dry extruded expelled soybean meal for growing pigs determined by indirect calorimetry and validation of net energy system using a typical Western Canadian grower finisher diet

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Ettungalpadi Velayudhan, Deepak
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Wageningen Academic Publishers
The objectives of this research were to determine the net energy (NE) of dry extruded expelled soybean meal (DESBM) using an indirect calorimetry (IC) in growing pigs, to determine the effect of multi-enzyme supplementation on the NE content of DESBM fed to growing pigs and to validate the NE system for feed formulation. In Exp 1, the values obtained with the IC method were consistently greater than those obtained with prediction equations. The discrepancy between the determination technique used was about 1% when diets were formulated with a constant protein content or corn:soybean meal ratio (1.0% and 0.7%, respectively), however, this was 4.1% when diet was formulated with simple substitution technique. Thus the NE value of DESBM was evaluated to be 2,548 kcal/kg DM when diets were formulated on a constant ratio between the other energy yielding components. In Exp 2, addition of enzyme increased the NE value of both the diet and the test ingredient; DESBM. Supplementation with multi-enzyme complex (Superzyme-OM, Canadian Bio-System Inc., Calgary, Canada) at 0.05% and 0.1% of the diet improved NE values of DESBM by 4.9 % and 3.7%, respectively. In Exp 3, the results indicate a better growth performance (ADG and G:F) when diets were formulated on NE basis compared to the DE system of diet formulation. Moreover addition of enzyme improved the performance for the NE system of diet formulation
net energy, pig
Velayudhan, D.E., J. M. Heo and C. M. Nyachoti. 2013. Net energy content of dry extruded-expelled soybean meal fed to growing pigs using indirect calorimetry. Page 187 in Energy and protein metabolism and nutrition in sustainable animal production - EAAP134. J. W. Oltjen, E. Kebreab and H. Lapierre, ed. Wageningen Academic Publishers, The Netherlands.