An integrated supply and demand analysis of Canadian rapeseed and vegetable-oil products

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Lu, Wen-Fong
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In recent years, events abroad and in Canada's agricultural economy have resulted in the rapid expansion of all segments of the Canadian rapeseed industry; in particular in production, exports, processing and utilization. Because the growth has been so rapid and diverse, many of those involved have been able to make the necessary adjustments to cope with the new environment. Segments of the industry are so tightly related that an attack on a particular problem would cause a chain reaction among related issues. It therefore seems inescapable that any study of the industry must take a broad view. Rapeseed has grown from an insignificant, to the third most valuable cash crop within a relatively short time period. However, this growth has been fairly erratic. Assuming that continuous expansion of the industry or, at least its maintenance as one of Canada's major field crops is a desirable national objective, it is essential that all aspects of the industry be understood, why for example does change occur in the industry? What is the future outlook for the industry? Answering these and related questions is the main purpose of this study.