Reliability and validity of the Predicting Health Needs of Seniors Survey

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Van Ineveld, Cornelia
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'Background'. The "Predicting Health Needs of Seniors Survey" (PHNSS) is designed as a self-a ministered questionnaire identifying community dwelling elderly persons at risk of functional decline and high health care utilization. The questionnaire, developed for a low-income population, was adapted for use in Chinese, French, English and Ojibwe. 'Objectives'. To confirm the questionnaire reliability and construct validity in Chinese, French, English and Ojibwe. To test the predictive validity of the PHNSS. Methods: For each cultural group, the PHNSS was administered to well and physically dependant seniors. Demographics and measures of daily functioning, cognition, mood, and physical performance were collected. Test-retest and inter-rater reliability testing were completed. To test predictive validity, responses to items from the 1996 Aging in Manitoba interviews were used to create a "surrogate" PHNSS score. Telephone interviews established functional status 18 months from baseline. Health claims data wereused to examine home care use, hospitalization and physician visits at 18 months. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)