A study of joint slip in galvanized bolted angle connections

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Ungkurapinan, Nibong
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A study on joint behavior with a special reference to joint slip of bolted joints in electric transmission line towers was considered beneficial and opportune. The investigation consisted of a literature survey and an experimental study. The latter consisted of: (i) Test Series A, which dealt with a tower leg splice joint loaded in compression and incorporated nine joint tests; (ii) Test Series B, which dealt with a web bracing member joint loaded in tension and incorporated nine joint tests; (iii) Test Series C, which dealt with a joint of low load carrying capacity and high eccentricity loaded in compression and incorporated 36 joint tests; (iv) Test Series D, which dealt with bolt calibration by the turn-of-nut method and included 20 bolt tests; (v) Test Series E, which dealt with direct tension tests of bolts and included nine bolt tests; and (vi) Test Series F, which dealt with tension tests on steel angle sections and included six tensile coupon tests. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)