Vehicle electrification using an electric auxiliary plug-in drive device

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Serhal, Jonathan
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The majority of vehicles over the near term will rely on petroleum, with electric vehicles poised to take over a significant market share of new light duty vehicles in the near future. The proposed Auxiliary Drive Device (ADD) instantly provides hybridization and electrification of an existing fossil fuel vehicle. The purpose is to contribute torque to increase fuel economy and to compensate for the load born by a towing vehicle to reduce the engine size. The ADD is simulated, built and tested for the first time in a towing vehicle configuration. A sensor integrated mechanism is used to measure the force of the trailer load onto the towing vehicle. A test bench platform verifies controls on a push plate in a force sensor feedback control loop configuration. In addition, a scaled prototype provides experimental data to verify mathematical models developed for the ADD. It is found that this new concept provides performance gains and fuel economy savings in a towing configuration.
electric, vehicle, conversion, hybrid