Seismic performance of GFRP-RC exterior beam-column joints with lateral beams

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Khalili Ghomi, Shervin
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In the past few years, some experimental investigations have been conducted to verify seismic behaviour of fiber reinforced polymer reinforced concrete (FRP-RC) beam-column joints. Those researches were mainly focused on exterior beam-column joints without lateral beams. However, lateral beams, commonly exist in buildings, can significantly improve seismic performance of the joints. Moreover, the way the longitudinal beam bars are anchored in the joint, either using headed-end or bent bars, was not adequately addressed. This study aims to fill these gaps and investigate the shear capacity of FRP-RC exterior beam-column joints confined with lateral beams, and the effect of beam reinforcement anchorage on their seismic behaviour. Six full-scale exterior beam-column joints were constructed and tested to failure under reversal cyclic loading. Test results showed that the presence of lateral beams significantly increased the shear capacity of the joints. Moreover, replacing bent bars with headed-end bars resulted in more ductile behaviour of the joints.
beam-column joints, seismic design, connections, joint shear capacity, edge beams, FRP reinforced concrete