Developing a process map for planning, initiating and operating municipal biosolids composting utilization programs in Southern Manitoba

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Anseeuw, Carmen
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The study objectives were to identify the best practice components of a biosolids composting utilization program; to determine current and emerging provincial and federal regulatory frameworks applicable to biosolids composting facilities in Manitoba; and to produce an annotated process map for planning, initiating and operating a biosolids composting facility. Recommendations from this study are to develop a stand-alone regulation that addresses composting requirements for probable feedstocks in provincial legislation, to clearly set out the requirements for such facilities; to update the Environmental Regulation for Treatment and Disposal of Biosolids in Manitoba policy document to acknowledge and provide guidance for biosolids composting as a potential management method; and to update and finalize the Manitoba Draft Compost Facility Guidelines to reflect current requirements for compost facilities and to include biosolids as a potential feedstock. The adoption of a categorization scheme for biosolids is also recommended to support determining appropriate management options based on biosolids quality.
biosolids, composting, regulation, process, Manitoba, municipal