Prototype virtual database for flood management

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Huang, Pu
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The purpose of this thesis is to provide a database solution for flood management. This solution has integrated Internet and database technology, as well as Geographic Information System and software programming technology. It supplies not only data and spatial data for flood management, but also model calculation and bulletin board information for users. It is called Virtual Database other than a centralized database. A Virtual Database is a distributed database system located in different existing web sites. An existing web site or a new web site will be set up as a public web site to connect all the different databases in different web sites and to supply centralized query services. Virtual Database is more advanced than a centralized database according to the real situation of distributed data sources for flood management. To test the feasibility of using such a Virtual Database for flood management, the Rural Municipality of Ritchot (R.M. of Ritchot) was selected as the case study area for use in this thesis. A web site has been set up as the public query site and various data related to flood management in this area have been collected. Most technologies for Virtual Database have been used and some programming work has been done to realize this Virtual Database for the R.M. of Ritchot. The system has been tested and the final results are satisfactory. Based on the findings from this study, it can be concluded that at the present time, it is already feasible to build a Virtual Database for flood management; however, the real Virtual Database will be much more complicated and comprehensive than the prototype Virtual Database described in this thesis.