Teaching the good: teacher perceptions of the caring relationship — a narrative analysis

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Meacham, Ross
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While the story of teaching makes plenty of room for academic and social learning, the telling often leaves out some of the most important details. In this thesis, I tell the stories of four teachers — how they practice and make sense of the caring relationship in the school and how such relationships lead to moral good in people, schools, communities, and the world. The moral is centered in the ongoing dialogue about what is best in schools and the world — the good, and the relationships in which the stories are set. The method is narrative analysis and the format is a series of free verse poems. The characters tell stories of knowing and being known, meaningful dialogue, modeling, authentic care, struggle and tension, individualized attention, hope, and transformation. The conclusion is a deep imagining of possibilities, implications, and outcomes.
ethic of care, moral education, aims-talk, narrative analysis, Noddings, narrative inquiry, free verse poetry, dialogue, caring relationship, curriculum, philosophy of education, caring, modeling, conversation, story