From conflict to collaboration, the case of Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica

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Weitzner, Viviane.
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This thesis documents and analyzes the only co-management process taking place in the context of national parks in Costa Rica, namely the joint management of Cahuita National Park, a marine-terrestrial park located on the southern Caribbean coast. The general research objective of this thesis was to document and analyze the ongoing process of conflict and collaboration, between local people and government officials in the management in Cahuita National Park in order to help strengthen the collaborative process, identify key lessons learned, and contribute to the ongoing theoretical discussion about both the forces at play in co-management and conditions required for success. Specific research objectives included undertaking a stakeholder analysis; evaluating the structure, process and outcomes of the Management Committee of Cahuita National Park; examining Berkes' (1997) four hypotheses on conditions required for successful co-management; and considering the replicability of the experience. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)