A comparative study on the incidence of tuberculosis among status Indians and other selected groups in Manitoba, Canada

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Olson, Linda Irene
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This historical prospective study describes the epidemiology of tuberculosis of Status Indians and other selected populations in Manitoba. The study covers 20 years, 1975 through 1994, to show trends in TB; it can serve a baseline for future epidemiologicals studies. Statistical analysis of the data compares and contrasts trends in TB among the Status Indian, immigrant, and total populations of Manitoba. Within-population description and statistical analysis is used to highlight high risk subgroups of the populations. The efficacy of continued BCG innoculation of on-reserve newborns is examined, using criteria from the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (IUATLD) for discontinuation of BCG. The possible interaction and complication of HIV infection in the on-reserve population is considered. A descriptive look at tuberculo is in Manitoba prisons is used to centre on the possible implications of the prison system in the spread of TB in Manitoba.