Surface segmentation and shape modification for 3D geometric objects

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Madi, Mohsen Mohamed
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The design and display of 3D models on a computer is usually interleaved by a series of data manipulations. Data are usually sets of 3D points that make up polygonal patches of the polyhedral models. Manipulations are the transformation operations that are applied to the 3D points to facilitate design and visual understanding of the graphical models. To further automate and facilitate design and visual understanding of the displayed models for applications such as the field of anatomy, or speed up the design phase for applications such as rapid prototyping, methods are proposed to interactively query data points on the surface for shape control, segment portions of displayed surfaces for independent modification, modify and re-integrate the modified segments to the main structure. This has the advantage of limiting the number of polygons that need to be manipulated for computationally cheaper and faster results. This dissertation illustrates how polyhedral surfaces can be organized into special data structures to facilitate rapid selection of groups of data points, and provides novel algorithms to facilitate the applications of interactive operations on such selected data.