Exploring Holistic Urban Sustainability from a Transformative Learning Perspective: The Southwood Precinct Project

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Hu, Chia hao (John)
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Despite the increasing number of recommendations for urban sustainability, there remains a need for greater understanding of how communities become more sustainable given the predominant existing preference for sprawl and resistance towards urban alternatives. Focusing on the proposed development initiative for the Southwood Precinct in Winnipeg Manitoba, this research examined the reasons for opposition to, or concern with, existing recommendations for EcoCities, Healthy Cities, and Age-Friendly Cities. The study was conducted by interviewing local residents and stakeholders, using an image-based info-sheet as a communications tool to increase openness to alternative (more sustainable) urban development approaches. The study revealed that opposition and concern can stem from values that are more complex than mere preference for sprawl or resistance to change. Overall, participant reflections showed that the image-based info-sheet along with discussion (through semi-structured interviews) was conducive to expanding positive perceptions of sustainable development in local neighbourhoods.
Planning, Learning