Addiction in the city: analyzing supervised consumption site processes

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Rautenberg, Joyce
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Considering planning and development of supervised consumption sites in an urban setting will enrich future processes in communities that are interested in implementing their own sites. This project brings an experiential knowledge component and promotes a qualitative understanding of addiction. Uncovering the potential roles of planners and policymakers in planning and developing supervised consumption sites is the overarching goal. Drawing on precedents and utilizing interview methodologies, knowledge was shared about the various challenges and opportunities in developing the sites. The interviews were summarized into constructions, or my interpretation of what I heard; then they were distilled into key themes that should be considered for future planning. The theme of supervised consumption sites as part of a larger network emphasizes the chances for planners to get involved, and to generate new knowledge with communities. The project concludes with the implications for theory and practice in the planning profession and a list of lessons learned for interested individuals, neighbourhoods and different levels of government.
city planning, health, addiction, urban issues